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The HPE Storage Sizer is a downloadable sizing tool that helps to design a storage infrastructure that will meet your customer needs!


         Simplifies the Process of designing a storage solution

         Applies storage design rules, licensing and services rules

         Output is a Valid, Supported Configuration that can be imported directly into Watson / SBW for quotation

         Provides localized parts and pricing for Americas, APJ and EMEA

         Smart Update Technology brings new products or functionality to you

         Encompasses the HPE Storage family

         Updated at every New Product launch as part of the NPI process

         New functionality added based on user input, annual surveys and quarterly focus groups

Important Information

Sizing Tool Security and End-User Requirements


HPE Storage Sizing Tool employs a license-based security mechanism to protect many tools and applications used by HPE employees and certified HPE Partners against unauthorized usage.


When a specific tool requires a license for use, you will be required to make use of a new utility called the HPE Sizing Tool License Manager. This utility will allow you to apply licenses to use (LTUs) for individual applications (or several at one time) to your computer.


The HPE Sizing Tool License Manager will be included with any current HPE Sizing tools, so you will not need to download a new application if you already have one of our tools installed.


For more detail on how to get and apply a license refer License Information section.


Current Version is V12.4

December 1, 2015


New for Version 12.4

  • XP7
    • New layouts with larger flash configurations
    • New XP7 8p 10Gbps iSCSI CHA
    • Few of existing layouts was renamed
  • StoreOnce
    • New product introduction based on Gen9 ProLiant platforms
      • Introduction of StoreOnce 3100, 3520, 3540 and 5100
      • New systems replace old ones from StoreOnce 2900 to 4500
      • Additional IO cards are available as options for new systems
    • Feature update
      • Backup schedule on per job basis for replication
      • Option to size multiple nodes when family selection is single node
    • Ninja Protected Import
      • Change to backup application names to remove vendor
      • New names are simply "Backup Exec", "Netbackup", "Networker"
  • 3PAR
    • New Drives for StoreServ 8000
      • 400GB MLC SAS SFF SSD
      • 3.84TB cMLC SAS SFF FIPS Encryption SSD
      • 4TB 7.2K LFF NL FE HDD
    • Fixes & Change Requests
      • 3PAR 20000 calculator - FE IOPs are not displayed correctly in GUI when chosen node-pair count goes up and then down
      • Now displaying IO access method for the workload in GUI
  • MSA
    • New SSDs for MSA 2040
      • HPE MSA 12G SAS MU 2.5in SSDs - 400GB, 800GB, 1.6TB, 3.2TB
    • Change Requests
      • Improved P2000 calculator GUI to size for performance
  • StoreEasy
    • New products
      • New StoreEasy 1650 Expanded Storage
      • Updates to StoreEasy 1450, 1650 with HDD bundles
    • Change Requests
      • Expansion of StoreEasy with DX000 bundles & enclosures
  • StoreEver
    • Introduction of LTO7 tape technology
      • ESL G3 library with LTO7
      • MSL Tape Libraries with LTO7
      • 1/8 G2 AutoLoader and Standalone LTO7 drives
  • StoreVirtual
    • Product Removal
      • Removed ConvergedSystem-240-HC, ConvergedSystem-242-HC
      • Use Converged System Solution Sizer to size above products
    • Change Requests
      • Improved P4000 calculator GUI to size for performance
  • Data Protector
    • Fix for Backup Navigator not appearing in BOM
  • General
    • Cleanup for obsolete products
      • Removal of various obsolete products from the Sizer in product areas of EVA, XP, P4000, P2000, MSA2000, 3PAR F and T Series, StoreEasy


Localized Parts and Pricing


         The United States, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada,

         Chile, China, Columbia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany,

         Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico,

         Middle East Region, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore,

         South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom,

         Venezuela, and Vietnam.

         HPE GSA Pricing for "US Federal Government" and other agencies



HPE Storage Sizing Tool V12.4   December 1, 2015, 109MB Download.

Save the downloaded zip file (StorageWorksSizer.zip) and extract the installer file (setup.exe) to a local folder. Run the installer to install the sizer. After installation, a desktop icon is created to run the Storage Sizing Tool. It can also be found in the Start Menu under "Programs -> Hewlett-Packard Enterprise -> HPE Storage Sizing Tool". Future updates to this version will be automatically downloaded for existing users via the Smart Update process.

Please note that in certain instances where Windows User Access Control (UAC) has been activated by system administrators, the installer (setup.exe) must be run with elevated rights (right-click with the mouse and choose "Run as administrator"). In this scenario the sizer itself will also need to be run as administrator in the same way.

Windows 8 users must follow the guidance (see above) to run the installer/setup with elevated privileges.

HPE Sizing Tool Knowledge Base (KB)

Knowledge Base is the main place to learn more about how to use HPE Storage Sizing Tool. This contains written user guides, tutorials with Sizer screen shots and recorded webinars with Sizer demos. Knowledge Base is distributed as part of the HPE Storage Sizing Tool (download above). You can access KB by pressing "Help" button at the top of Sizing Tool or by accessing the "Start -> Programs -> Hewlett-Packard -> HPE Sizing Tool Knowledge Base" menu.

To access User Guides, select "Knowledge Base -> SWD Sizing Tool -> User Guides" menu.

To access Webinars, select "Knowledge Base -> SWD Sizing Tool -> Webinars" menu.

License Information

Obtaining a License


When a particular tool starts using the new security mechanism, you may be required to obtain and apply a license to use that application. Some applications may not require a license, and others may license based on the level of affiliation with HPE (employee, Certified Partner, etc.).


For the HPE Storage Sizing Tool (licensed as 'SWD Sizing Tool'):


         HPE Employees

         HPE Employees will obtain their first-time LTU from our HPE Employee Page. After the initial application of their license, HPE Employees will automatically receive an extension to that license as long as they periodically connect to the HPE Intranet (office or VPN).


         HPE Certified Partners

         HPE Certified Partners will get new licenses from a page within their respective, regional partner portals.

         Note: Partner Portal users with a training ID will not be able to locate the necessary page due to regional permissions. It is recommended that these users follow the Non-Partner process instead.

         Access your regional Unison Partner Portal Here

         For help with partner portal navigation, refer Portal Navigation Guide

         Since each geographical region manages their own Partner Portals and we publish at the worldwide level, some regions may not publish our page due to local restrictions including, but not limited to, language restrictions.

         Partners who cannot find the portal page in their region are requested to use the licensing procedure for All Others for more immediate service but may alternatively send a screenshot of their Partner Portal interface, while logged in, with their user name, portal id, and company name displayed for verification to Storage.Sizer@hpe.com .


         All Others

         All other users will be required to have an HPE Sales Representative act as a sponsor. You may start a licensing request by using the Request License feature of the License Manager as of Version 7.5.0. After providing the necessary information, and identifying an HPE employee as a sponsor, your sponsor will be able to complete your request and send you a license directly.

         Start the HPE Sizing Tool License Manager using the Programs Menu or by right-clicking the hpe icon in your system tray and selecting Open License Manager.

         From the menu in the License Manager, select the menu item License Request and choose the Request A License item.

         On the resultant dialog, select the tool for which you are interested in obtaining a license (e.g. SWD Sizing Tool) and fill out the necessary form items. To prevent delays, it is strongly recommended that you adequately fill out the Reason For Request section with any appropriate business justification(s).

         When done, click Submit Request to Sponsor. This will generate an email message that you will need to send.

         The link and information provided to the sponsor will allow him/her to generate a license on your behalf. After providing the necessary information, and identifying an HPE employee as a sponsor, an email message to your selected sponsor will be generated. Upon receipt your sponsor will be able to complete your request and send you a license directly.

Applying a License

         To apply a license:

         Launch the HPE Sizing Tool License Manager via:

         Start->Programs->Hewlett-Packard->HPE Sizing Tool License Manager

         or, Right-Click the HPE Icon in your system tray and select "Open License Manager"

         Select Action->Apply New License Data

         Navigate to the directory containing the license, and choose the license file

         For licenses that grant access, the affected tools will have their status change to "License Installed" (assuming you never had it installed before)

         For licenses that increase access time, the affected tools will have their expiration dates change accordingly

         If this is the first license you've received for a tool, you will need to activate that tool. Highlight the line representing the tool and press the "Install/Activate Tool" button

         The Status Line for the tool will change to "License Activated" and the expiration dates will display

Contact Information

If you have any questions, problems, or comments, please send email to the Storage Sizer Team